5-Minute Attitude Adjustment

Take yourself from powerLESS to powerFULLLLL — in 5 minutes or less.

It’s Monday. You’re exhausted from the weekend. You don’t know how to start off on a good foot. Add to that– you’re also in a funk.

Hey, been there, kiddo.

I remember I was in my car, driving home from the grocery store, and all of a sudden, I just had a full breakdown. My job prospects were low, I was sick and tired, I was lonely… but in the grand scheme of things, life wasn’t really that bad. You see, it wasn’t that life was really beating me down, or that I was truly miserable… I just didn’t feel “in control” of my own life. I felt powerless. But then, I made a phone call to my friend Jesse– and he gave me a 5-minute pep talk that changed not only my whole day, but my whole perspective.

Get ready, because I’m about to double-drop some knowledge.

Step 1: Observe Your Current State

Sit down and close your eyes. What does your body feel like right now? Are you weak? Is there a lump in your throat? Do you feel short of breath? Exhausted? Emotionally depleted? Are your shoulders slumped? Does your stomach bother you? Get as detailed as possible on how you’re feeling at this moment.

Step 2: Remember a Time When You Felt Powerful

Recall a specific time when you felt on top of the world and happy. For me, this is always the feeling I get when I get the phone call that I just booked a project. For you, it might be when you led a presentation at work, did meaningful community service, was recognized for your achievements–you pick what comes to you in that moment. What did that feel like? What was your posture like? Your breathing? Was your chest lifted? How was your face– did you smile, did your eyes light up? What was your voice like? Did you feel inspirational? Did you feel light? Vibrant? Joyous?

Step 3: Mimick the Memory

Now, take your posture and adjust it to how you remember it being when you felt powerful. Your shoulders, neck, chest, your chin–reset them to power mode. Take a deep breath, still the body, and remember when you inhaled deeply like you just couldn’t believe how well things were going for you. Smile, and let the smile travel up the face to the eyes. Flex the muscles and relax, knowing that you don’t need the fight. Reengage your powerful thoughts: “Hard work pays off,” or “You’re the best, and now you get to lead by example.” You can also try my personal favorite, “You can accomplish anything you set your mind to.”

That’s it.

You see, you always have access to your inner power because you’ve been there before. It’s not going to take away events, or change things that have happened to you… but it is a choice. You are a powerful person, and you have the power to pull your inner badass out of hiding.

If this is something you feel you can’t do on your own, then I recommend using this technique along with the buddy system. I personally like to go through this process verbally, and then be checked in with along the way. “Okay, now that you remember that phone call about the booking, how do you feel? Okay, then adjust your shoulders. Now, how do you feel?” And so on and so on, until you get to the place where you’re feeling better.

Bonus Challenge: Practice on a Friend.

Do you have a friend who is in a funk, and having a really difficult day? Call them, and walk them through the 3 Steps. Be kind and patient, and check in frequently. Not only will it make them feel better, but you’ll feel better knowing you helped restore them to badass-ery as well.

Remember, you have the power to choose to live in your empowered body, but it comes with discipline and changing the narrative in your mind. Thoughts are powerful. Words are powerful. But so is your memory. Take those 5 minutes to engage and awaken the power within, and watch how much better you’re able to fight through your funk.

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