Change Your Words, Change Your Mindset

Hello, my funky friends! So happy to be back with you again to take a shot at empowering and uplifting ourselves. Today’s topic is extremely special, due to the fact that I truly needed it this week.

The Power of Words

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but your words have a profound impact on your overall energy. Not only do they affect your energy and mindset, but they also affect those around you. Don’t believe me? Fine. Then believe Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Dr. Emoto tested the effect of positive and negative words on water through their frozen crystal formations. According to his hypothesis, Dr. Emoto believed that thoughts and feelings affect our physical reality. Hebelieved that emotional energy and vibrations could visibly change and even “influence” the water’sstructure. Sure enough, the water exposed to positive words such as “peace” and “love” yielded beautiful, artful crystals. On the flip side, water exposed to words such as “I hate you” and “you make me sick” formed ugly, malformed crystals.

While his water experiment was his most popular one, Dr. Emoto also performed another experiment with white rice. He asked school children to speak words to two different jars of cooked white rice, twice a day for 30 days. The jar of rice that was exposed to the words, “You Fool” shrank up into a gooey black mass, while the rice exposed to “Thank You” maintained its fluffy, white structure that it had from day one. Incredible!

How can you use this information? Well, you can start with the fact that our bodies are made up of mostly water— so how are the words you use affecting your molecules? How are the thoughts that you speak to yourself and others shifting your body’s chemical makeup?

It’s time to reprogram your mind, and your mouth. Here is a “How To” list for changing your words to increase your positive energy and happiness:

Tip #1: Go Easy on Yourself

We are all a work in progress. Avoid putting yourself down, and instead, create a positive twist. This also goes for the way you speak to others. Avoid putting people down, making sarcastic jokes, etcetera. 

“I really suck at this” to “I’m doing the best I can”

“You’re so stupid” to “You’re goofy” or “You’re funny”

“I failed” to “I’m still learning what works best”

“I’m so broke” to “I have to get creative with my spending”

Tip #2: Change the Negatives into a Positive

Notice which phrases you use that have a negative connotation, and flip the script. Challenge yourself to say what you mean, but in positive words. You’ll still be saying what you want to say, but you’ll be using words that enhance your energy, not diminish it.

“I’m not terrible at tennis” to “I’m a good tennis player”

“I’m an awful cook” to “I’m a genius at ordering takeout”

“I hate that” to “I’ve had better”

Tip #3: Paint With All the Colors

Of course words like “okay” and “good” are still positive words, but they don’t bring the kind of lightness and electricity as some other words like “great” or “fantastic”. Whenever you can, try increasing your energy and the energy of those around you by using more powerful words. Bonus points: use these words when you reply to your friend’s Instagram posts! You can find a full list of positive words here.

“Okay” to “Absolutely”

“Easy” to “Effortless”

“Pretty” to “Gorgeous”

“Succeed” to “Triumph”

Tip #4: Visualize Your Affirmations

We can also absorb energy from the written word. Try writing your favorite inspiring quote on a post it and put it somewhere where you can constantly see it at work. Get artsy and make yourself some frame-worthy art featuring a power word from the list above. If you want to get really creative, try what my stepmom does: put happy face stickers and write “I love you” on your water jog. According to Dr. Emoto, it can only help!

Hopefully, these tips will help you reset your brain to recognize the power of your language and how it may be putting you in a rut. According to a study from the University of California in Santa Barbara, “a weak message repeated twice becomes more valid than a strong message heard only once.” So don’t let yourself spew negativity, even when it’s just casual… change your message, change your words, and watch your energy and the energy of those around you, flourish. <—Ooh! Now that’s a fun word!

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